Art of ONE .
Pleasure for all .

Design a condom wrapper with your own art for the chance to win a cash prize and donate ONE condoms to a worthy health organization.

ONE condom wrappers are as unique as the members of our community. Many of our foil packages have been designed by the ONE community.

Here’s another chance to dazzle us with your creativity. Send us your photograph, painting, illustration, sculpture, mixed media project, and anything in between or beyond. Your creativity knows no bounds.

Winners receive not only a cash prize and year’s supply of ONE condoms with their own design, but also the opportunity to donate up to 5,000 condoms to a charity or sponsor organization of their choosing. Winners can also opt to be included on the Artists page of our website with links to their portfolios and/or social media accounts.

Need Some Inspiration?

Since 2004, hundreds of original designs have been produced into condom wrappers. Browse some of the past designs to get your creative gears in motion.

Previous winner
"Believe in ONE"
Previous winner
"Wild ONE"
Previous winner
"As ONE"
Previous winner
"Two Become ONE"

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